I’ve been back home for mere months and I’ve been fully emerged into the life of studying. It has been strange being back. I am working on great projects like helping a company address a contamination and writing an article about multi-resistant bacteria. It is all interesting but does not compete with the research in New Zealand. And here, everything is the same. Although the supermarket has been upgraded and there is a liquor store next to it now (a proper upgrade if you ask me). I feel different while everything looks the same and feels the same. My room, my house, the square I live at remains unchanged. I walk around like: oh my, I’ve been in New Zealand. I have been at the other side of the world. But life goes on and nothing changes. Everyone around you is still the same, but there’s an added sentence or two about having been away.

There is this thing, I was quite homesick at the end of the trip. I wanted to be home and everything to be normal and known. It is really nice to have everything you know, the shops, the items, a piano, the sewing machine. Finally being able to express all those hobbies. But there is this charm to being away as well.

To be honest, it has been kind of hard settling down again and I really need another big change, a new step in life. That’s why this week has been amazing, because a new adventure awaits: Bas and I found a stunning apartment in a little town next to Eindhoven. We are moving in February and we are both so excited. I am looking so forward to rebuilding the feeling of home with the person I love.

Also a few things that happened over the last couple of months:

DSC07479 - kopie.JPG
My dear granddad is now 92 years old!
Bas and I went on a beautiful walk near Boxtel (where we’re going to live)
WhatsApp Image 2016-11-07 at 19.32.51.jpeg
My mom and I went to Regina Spektor in Paradiso, which was absolutely awesome

In the mean time: Bas and I have also been rowing with a Danish friend, we saw Glow (a light festival) in Eindhoven (where I forgot to bring my camera, woops) , my mum has turned 60, we had a lovely Sinterklaas (Christmas for Dutchies) celebration with my mum and also with Bas’ family and so much more. This weekend we are going skiing; life in the Netherlands is hectic, alive and vibrant.


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