Java | Bandung

After a very long train ride of eight hours, we arrived in Bandung where we were immediately flooded by people “kind enough” to bring us to our hotel. Our bags were placed in a car before we could say anything. Luckily the driver was kind and the ride was not overly expensive. We are accidentally staying in another hotel than we thought because there are two hotels here with almost the same name. This hotel is a bit weird and especially after the luxurious hotel in Yogyakarta, this is slightly disappointing. Bandung is a very busy formerly glorious Art Deco city. The Art Deco is slightly losing its charm as the paint is falling off, the buildings get old and they don’t get renovated here. People don’t really seem to care all that much. There are some exceptions here with stunning architecture and atmosphere. We have been taking our time and I’ve been preparing to going back home by sorting through all my 6000 photos to turn into one (or two… or three…) photoalbum(s). This is a lot -a lot- of work. Saturday night we are flying back to arrive on Sunday. On Monday my study starts (whoops). This week we have seen Wayang dolls made and we have seen a stunning crater North of Bandung called Tangkuban Perahu. Tomorrow we are visiting another volcano and tea fields.

Train to Bandung

Due to damn wifi I am currently unable to upload more pictures. I will try again later 🙂



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