Bali | Batur & surrounding

Yesterday we had a long day in the car to visit Batur, a stunning volcano in Bali. We also took the opportunity to visit the temple near Batur. After borrowing a sarong, we were guided through the temple and were explained extensively which is which representation of God. The statues were impressive, some of them were all dressed up ‘because the Gods also need an umbrella against the rain and they need clothes’; I find this beautiful. Some people were very busy in preparation to a big ceremony and others were building more to expand the temple. On the way back we went to a coffee plantation where we got to taste Luwak coffee. This is the kind of coffee here a Paradoxurus (to be precise the subspecies Asian Palm Civet) eats the beans, poops it out and then they clean the beans and after some more processing steps is made into coffee powder, supposedly the best coffee in the world. My mom and I did not like the catpoopcoffee as much as we were expected to, but the tea they made at the plantation was delicious and we bought some to take home. Many paradoxurus’ are captured to make Luwak coffee, decreasing the amount of wild populations rapidly. Luckily, on this coffee plantation they are treated well and are free to roam around. One of the paradoxurus’ were captured each day to ‘showcase’ to visitors. However, they made sure that none are captured two days in a row and they are only in a cage for a limited amount of hours. As best as things can be around here I guess. The drive back was long and we saw a lot of sick dogs on our way. This made me sad. We also had a lot of rain yesterday. Today it cleared up a bit so we spent the day in Kuta, we got a Balinese massage and wandered around. The whole culture of Indonesia is completely different from New Zealand and the Netherlands. I miss home more and more. Luckily the people are very kind here and the atmosphere (minus the sick dogs) is good. Tomorrow we’ve got some other tourist-y things planned and Sunday we are flying to Yogyakarta.

Road to Batur
Sad dog ;(
The beautiful temple


Batur wrapped in clouds
Paradoxurus; Asian Palm Civet


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