Bali | Denpasar

I am lying on a half-inflated waterbed; surrounded by the sounds of the wind in the palm trees: a crisping noise, the birds sing as they fly over. Keeping my eyes closed as the sun is exposed by the moving clouds; the warmth slightly burning my skin. That was the start of the day. Perfectly calm. After booking our flight from Denpasar to Yogyakarta, finding an apartment to our wishes proved to be challenging. At 4 pm we made our way to Denpasar. Arif explained to us that the main market building was burned down a few weeks ago with the immediate effect that the market-size decreased massively. This was very noticeable. The Denpasar gardens were filled with people though; some trying to sell memorabilia or candy, others minding their own business by practising yoga. We had dinner at Mykonos where I enjoyed the first good feta in seven months. Tomorrow we are going to one of Bali’s volcanoes and to the Turtle Sanctuary.

On another note; we were quite surprised to find out that rabies is a significant problem here. Our healthcare practitioners told us it was ‘a waste of money’ to get vaccinated, but I’m glad that we insisted. We would rather pay the price of the expensive vaccines than the price of being un-vaccinated with no help available. Arif told us that regularly people die of rabies here in Bali and we see dead dogs being burned on the sides of the street due to rabies risk. The vaccinated dogs wear a collar; but 99% of the dogs are not vaccinated and roam the streets. Occasionally you see a dog completely out of his mind and acting crazy; clearly infected. Vaccines are often unavailable when most needed. It is worrisome and we will enlighten our healthcare practitioners of this local knowledge when we are back home.

Traffic traffic traffic
Closed shops near the market
The four-faced God
Denpasar Gardens
Offerings to the Gods; found everywhere


Safe electricity stuff
Yummy feta wrapped in filo-pastry with added cranberry sauce

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