Bali | Ubud

After a good night’s sleep, Arif picked us up to take us to Ubud. Ubud is famous for its temple and in the surroundings there are rice fields as far as the eye can see. The temple in Ubud was unmaintained, but a lovely sight. The statues are very well-made and again, the whole ambience was nice. Another popularity in Ubud is the Monkey Forest. As the name suggests; it is a forest filled with monkeys and it is awesome! The monkeys are very keen on being fed by the silly tourists buying way too much food. It’s a wonder that the monkeys had not exploded yet by the amount of food that was given to them. Human nature can be very selfish; the well-being of an animal being placed second, because the perfect selfie must be taken. Horrible. In the bathroom there was a note from a biologist from the University of Washington saying “Please do not let the monkeys take your water bottles, because they store the caps in their mouth, they get stuck and have to be surgically removed”. Reading this after we saw various monkeys with several water bottles; “just playing” was what a monkey-guard told me. It makes you wonder how much those monkey-guards know or care about. Ubud has definitely been “discovered” and is running on tourism. It’s markets filled with the sound of “please look inside”, “please buy from my shop” combined with Dutch-, English-, French- and German-speaking tourists chatting away about what they can bring in their suitcase or what is a good present for the niece of the friend of their brother. The rice fields near Ubud were stunning and with reason filled with tourists. It was an exhausting day with 32 degrees (and still in need of acclimatising), so I am going to sit back and relax. Enjoy the pictures!

On the way to Ubud
Scooter driver with interesting backpack
Ubud Market
Ubud Market
Ubud Temple
Ubud Temple
Ubud Temple
Monkey eating plastic 😦
On the way to the rice fields
Rice field worker
Rice fields

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