Day 172 – 174 | Dunedin & Queenstown

Hi lovelies. The last few days we have been in Dunedin and Queenstown. Dunedin is a lovely town and reminds me of the United Kingdom with its architecture. We stayed at a lovely (original) Art Deco hotel with matching carpet. Dunedin has a nice atmosphere to it and is very lively. Sadly we completely missed the yellow-eyed penguin-tours, so we are travelling back over Dunedin to see those. Because you can not skip penguins. Ever. Yesterday we drove to Queenstown and even though we had mentally prepared for the winter weather driving, there were only a few short storms and pouring rain. Now we are staying in a proper hotel with views over the mountains. Queenstown is stunning, its lively and its very, very, very touristic. All of you had warned us about the tourism in Queenstown, but it’s even more prominent than I had imagined. Yesterday we could not walk past a Kathmandu final sales and we bought thermals. You need them here. It is bloody cold. Yesterday was ”not too bad” and today it was bad. I’m a wuss when it comes to cold, as you all know, and today it was freezing. After a lovely sleep-in, we strolled around town, went up the gondola, enjoyed a Maori performance show and had good Indian food. All in all, a few days well spent. Tomorrow we are going to Doubtful Sound, which many find ‘doubtful’ as to why we are not going to Milford Sound. Milford Sound road is closed and if it’s open, it’s open to 6000+ tourist a day. Yes, -a day-. Doubtful Sound is open to 60 tourist a day. It has wildlife enjoying the quiet and we’ll be going over the most expensive road in New Zealand (it took them helicopters to bring the necessary equipment there, because it was so remote). The most funny thing, the most expensive road in New Zealand is a dirt road. More on Doubtful Sound tomorrow. Night!

View from the hotel in Queenstown
Queenstown center
Lake Wakatipu







Boat for scale

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