Day 167 – 170 | North South Island

In the last few days we travelled around the North of the South Island and now find ourselves in Kaikoura. Monday we took a watertaxi trip across the Abel Tasman National Park. It was absolutely stunning! Then yesterday we went to the museum ‘World of Wearable Art’. If they’d move the museum to London, they would earn millions. Now they are in a small town, where (in my opinion) far too little people can enjoy it. Because it was one of the best museums I have ever been. With stunning costumes and a great collection of vintage cars (an odd combination). Today started off fantastically, with a flight above the ocean to spot Whales. We spotted a Blue Whale, which is very rare and the company hadn’t seen in over a year. We also saw 3 Sperm Whales. Even though the flight was ‘slightly’ nauseating, it was a once-of-a-lifetime trip. After we got back, I did a small hike across the Kaikoura Peninsula, where I saw lots of seals. It took me a while taking pictures when I realized that my SD-card was still in the motel. My mom and I went back to one of the ‘Seal spotting’ areas and we got to take some pictures. Hopeful we went to the little town to look at the shops, however, everything (except a tiny one) was closed. Now we’re back at the motel and tomorrow we’ll drive all the way to Oamaru, where we’ll get to see the penguins. The internet here is as good as it is in the rest of New Zealand, so no pictures today (with functioning wifi I promise to upload them all, including a picture of the Blue Whale!)


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