Day 153 | Kaitaia

The things you don’t say when travelling Northland:

  • Wow, there’s hardly any rain
  • There are not enough forests and the scenery is ugly
  • There are gas stations everywhere
  • There are so many shops and they are always open!
  • There is not enough land per capita
  • There are too many people
  • The roads are so flat and straight
  • Driving is so easy here!

We had a fun time driving to Kaitaia today, on our way we stopped in Kawakawa, a cute little village where the artist Hundertwasser used to live. The whole town is inspired by him and the public toilets were even made by himself. Sadly they were closed, because it would’ve been pretty cool to see them. Near Kawakawa we saw a sign ‘Glowworm Caves’ and one kilometer later a sign ‘Cave closed. Flooded.’ Apparantly that happens a lot here, because as I said before, it never -ever- rains here. It is amazing (and sad) that they had actually printed out that sign at one point, as it was often needed. We are staying in a pretty apartment and my mom made lovely dinner for us. Tomorrow we’re off to Cape Reinga!

On the way to Kaitaia
Bas, helping prepare dinner
And ennding the day with a nice cup of tea (which we bought in Christchurch)


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