Day 131 & 132 | Mt Cook & Akaroa

After the lovely stay at Lake Tekapo, we took the stunning drive to Mt Cook. Known as one of the most stunning roads, it certainly did not dissapoint. The walks at the National Park range from half an hour to a full day and we decided to take the second longest walk of 3 hours return. Not knowing how many kilometers walking it would be, it was quite interesting. It began with several rope bridges, loads of people and a decent temperature causing us to sweat our way through three layers of clothing. We walked over 6 km when we reached the end and saw the ‘ice sculptures’ in the water. We sat down to take a bite out of the croissants we took. It was not long until we realised we had bought ‘bake off croissants’ … Slightly hungry we walked back to the car, luckily we had started the day with a decent breakfast. Almost near the end, Bas’ shoe sole loosened itself from the base (which made walking quite challenging) so when we were back we were happy to sit down in the car and drive to where we had booked our next night, in Methven this time. Because Methven was quite a small town and we did not feel the need to go out for dinner, we got takeaway.

On our way to Mt Cook
The walkway
There was a strong wind!


The endpoint with ice sculptures, standing still, frozen in the lake

This morning it was very misty and rainy. We went to this bakery where the people were very obnoxious and tried to sell us every grain found in the store. When we tried to end the conversation, they just managed to add ‘And it’s so lovely weather today!’ No. It was horrible weather. While driving to Arthur’s Pass where we’d planned to walk, we decided to go east instead, back to Christchurch. Back to a comfy appartment with wifi (which we had missed). We did not stop in Christchurch though, we drove as far east as we could, to Akaroa. A tiny place with cute little houses and stunning views of the sea. Also, a lot of hiking trails but we weren’t feeling up to walk much today. We took the touristic route back, bought sushi and watched Game of Thrones. In a bit we are going to pack our stuff to fly back tomorrow. It was lovely spending time in the South Island and I look forward to exploring it further with my lovely mum.

One of Akaroa’s churches
One of the cute Akaroa houses
Akaroa harbour
Akaroa harbour

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