Day 116 – 123 | Waimangu & Tongariro National Park

After another productive week at work, where I finished and started many experiments with interesting results, we ended the workweek on Friday with a lovely gamesnight with Mathias and Lucek. We played Dominion, a great boardgame, and enjoyed gingerbeer. On Saturday morning Bas and I went to Waimangu, one of the most stunning geothermal areas of New Zealand, where GNS does a lot of sampling. Having been there before in the car, it was quite a different experience walking around. It was funny because I hadn’t realized it was a 3 hour walk. It was absolutely stunning (yes, I use those words a lot here). Be prepared for an overload of pictures.

Green Lake
Weird mushrooms
Rainbow Mountain in the background


Spiderweb, spiderweb
Fantail in a tree. It took about a hundred pictures to shoot this one (and the next)


Another bird, this time a Chaffinch, an introduced species
Huge waterlevel change since when I was there with GNS
More birds, this time a ‘Little Shag’, a native bird

Today we walked around Tongariro National Park, where we did the walk to Taranaki Falls (7 km). It was a lovely day, reasonably cold, but while walking it was fine. Here are the pictures!

Bas with the first snow of the season!
Start of the Northern Circuit (3-4 days), was also the start of the Taranaki Falls walk
Bas was very disappointed that we weren’t doing the Northern Circuit (which was this way)
The Taranaki Falls (me for scale)
The way to the top
Bas & Mt Ngauruhoe
Me & Mt Ngauhuroe
Almost at the end of the walk!



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