Day 106 – 111

It has been busy, as you might have been able to tell by my lack of blogs. We played Monopoly, went to the movies, ate out for dinner and soaked in warm water at Wairakei Springs. On Monday the Girl Scouts, Karen and I went to the Pippins (the super cute 5-year-old girl scouts) to talk about ‘Pink Shirt Day’; how to not bully each other and be kind. The girls were absolutely adorable. On Tuesday there was a lecture at the Waikato University in Hamilton about antibiotic resistance and that we must quit our studies into microbiology now, because we will all be taken over by machines. Though gloomy, it was a very good lecture where I’ve learnt a lot. Today one of our lovely Girl Scouts performed in High School Musical 2. All the students there are so talented and they put down a great show. Bas enjoyed it, even though he does not like musicals at all.  Earlier this week we booked a trip to the South Island! Arriving on my birthday and staying for a couple of days. Although I’ve been told it’s bloody cold there, I’m very excited. This weekend we might go to either Taranaki or Napier, providing it’s semi-good weather. It’s mostly been raining and raining and raining.


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