Day 100 | A milestone

It’s fascinating how much your life can change in a hundred days. My whole future and my whole life has been turned upside down (literally, as I am on the other side of the planet). It’s been amazing and every day I’ve woken up ready to start a new day with new challenges ahead, either science-wise or explorer-wise. This has been the best opportunity I have ever had, made possible by my mum and granddad whom I both love so deeply. Today Bas and I were with Paul, Bridgette and Anna after they drove all the way up to Taupo to come and visit us. We spent a lovely day going to Huka Falls and Craters of the Moon. We showed the house we’re living in and the place we work at. I teared up a little when Paul said: “So, you’re mum is arriving in 6 weeks, isn’t she?”. The reason being that; this adventure, working with my amazing, incredibly smart, coworkers and researching (to me) important things, is finite. Time flies by so so SO quickly. Don’t get me wrong however: I am so so SO excited to show my mum everything here and to travel around with her. And I know I still got plenty of adventures ahead and I will travel back here.

I find it funny that I don’t feel far away from home. I’ve got all these lovely people surrounding me all over the world. I miss my best friends; but being able to talk to them regularly make them, even now, feel so close.

It is a milestone, Day 100, and plenty of days (and blogs) are to come. I admire all of the people reading this and I cannot wait to tell you more about my lovely adventures yet to come. Now; the pictures of this lovely day.

Mother and daughter at Huka Falls
Craters of the Moon
Craters of the Moon
The view at the look-out point; Mount Tauhara on the left
View of the lake from the apartment my family was staying at
The lake with special filter (my sunglasses)

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