Day 92 – 94 | Auckland, Hamilton, Coromandel

On Day 93 I could finally pick up my lovely boyfriend from the airport, after not seeing each other for 3 months. Absolutely awesome. I drove to Auckland on Friday and we had a hotel booked in Hamilton on Saturday. Because of the lovely weather we decided to drive to Coromandel today and enjoy the lovely scenery. Sadly it was quite misty; but still an amazing trip.

It was also lovely to see my family (my father’s niece) Ankie again and stay over in their lovely house. She is an absolute sweetheart, just like her husband Barry. After Bas’ arrival, we went there for coffee and got some lovely Dutch treats as well.

With the lovely Ankie

After the coffee we drove to Hamilton where we exchanged gifts. Bas had brought me these amazing fluor pink geometric socks. I love them.

When we drove to Coromandel today, we were both flabbergasted by the amazing views. We stopped at some points to take pictures.

View over the sea
Together again after 3 months!


The sea

Cabin in the Woods (and our wáy too cheap hotel)
The decent view from our little cabin

Bas has fallen long asleep as I am writing this. His jetlag isn’t too bad and we’ve been having a lovely time already! Veel liefs uit Nieuw Zeeland.


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