Day 81 – 86 | A busy week

Dear readers, as you might have noticed I have not been writing much. Life has been very, very busy (and good!).

Day 81.

This week started on Monday (oh, really. You don’t say) with ANZAC day, a national day of remembrance and similar to the 4th of May in the Netherlands. Karen, the Girl Scouts and I went to the services.

Day 82.

Kelly dragged me to the gym (no she didn’t drag me, but she insisted!) and it was great fun. She showed me the gym and we did a yoga/pilates class!

Day 83.

I went to donate blood, but sadly my pulse was too low and I couldn’t. I did get a free pen, so that made my day. Just kidding.

Well, I tried, haha

I also baked a cake inspired by Alzheimer’s disease, because I did Journal Club on a paper which spiked my interest because there was interesting paper in Nature News about Transmissable Alzheimer (for those who want to read it, click on the link). It is all based on a very complicated neuroscience/pathology paper, but the news article is fairly readable.

Neuroscience on a cake

Day 84.

After work I went to the gym and realized running is way easier in a gym than outside. It was good.


Another thing, I bought socks. And they’re awesome.


Day 85.

Another productive day at work and in the evening Lucek, Adam, Mauro and I baked low-carb pizza! It was absolutely delicious, although not very pizza-like. There was wine, grappa and monopoly involved as well; a great evening.



Day 86.

For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to go to the gym at 8.00 with a hangover. I am now officially a member and exercised the alcohol out of my system with a spinning class. Then I went to the Saturday-morning market. I felt so grown-up, going to the gym and the morning market before 12 o’clock.

Later today I went to the second-hand shop and bought a beautiful copy of Jane Eyre, a stunning story. Tomorrow I’m going to the Wairekei Terraces after a short stop by work for some preperations!


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