Day 77 – 79 | A week without bread

I’ve been very excited to be back in the lab and working on my project.

A snapshot of the lab

Other than that, it’s been a very busy few days in preperation of Passover. Spent a lot of time in the kitchen (and making a proper mess of it!).

The food includes a lot of whisking eggwhites.

Dinner was great fun. Especially because we had ‘the second glass of wine’ about seven times. And today we went into town and I scored Alice in Wonderland for a mere 1 nzd! And another book my favourite writer wrote, Jostein Gaardner, for 2 nzd. Not too bad I’d say! Enough to read for now.

Because it is Passover, I’m not eating anything yeast/flour containing. I mostly ate scrambled eggs today and I made “superfood balls”. Containing coconut oil, coconut, dark chocolate, chia seeds and some cacao powder. It makes for a nice, quick snack!


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