Day 74 – 76 | Wellington & Daily Stuff

Had a lovely extended weekend with my family; where on Monday my niece showed me around Wellington. Because we missed the bus, we ended up walking to town. Still not used to the hills of New Zealand; it was a proper workout. Walking past the Portrait Gallery, we decided to go in for a peek. It was lovely. Stunning artworks for a competition with daring portraits.



Because I love drawing portraits, this made me want to paint. After the stroll around the little museum, we started the day with a cold drink, sitting in the sun!


We went to the Art Gallery (yes!) and some local Modern Art.






Lots of pictures aye. Can you tell I love art?

After this we went to Te Papa, an interesting museum with lots of different things like information about wildlife, earthquakes, Maori culture and art. We skipped the special exhibition they have on because of the long queue and when we almost reached the art-section, we decided to go and have lunch instead. The museum is really good though and I will go back.

Part of an exhibition where the objects actually move to the story shown on screen.

After the musea we went out for a lovely lunch and spent the afternoon in the artsy part of Wellington. I bought some secondhand books and cds. They sold all the cds that I wanted to buy when I was little, but weren’t sold in the Netherlands. My inner teenager got very excited and I ended up buying six cds. One of those cds being a Blur one, a cd I had sadly lost quite soon after I bought it! Now it’s found its way back to me.

On Tuesday I drove back and today I finally got back in the lab! Very exciting to be working on my project further!


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