Day 73 | Wellington

Silence does not make the night in the city of the wind.
As the breeze touches the leaves of the trees outside this glass house, I am safely writing inside.
Hidden from the cold and speed these waves may meet and covered by feather-filled sheets.

I wrote this mini-poem after being inspired by “I hate and I love”, poetry written 84 – 54 BCE.

Yesterday we went to “The Hunt for the Wilderpeople”, which was an amazing serious movie with a great comedy twist. Filmed in New Zealand and based on the book “Wild Pork and Watercress” written by Barry Crump (which is now on my to-read-list). It tackles some issues in a light fashion.

Then this morning we went to the Botanical Gardens and took a different path walking Pepsi around. It was a lovely, very warm, morning!

Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden

We saw, Kaka, birds that were endangered.

There are two Kaka’s in this picture; can you find them?
I did NOT take this picture. It’s from Google Images. But you can enjoy it being majestic.
One flew right over our heads! I managed to take this very blurry picture.

After the Botanical Garden, we went to a tiny Jewish shop to get myself some Jewish food in preperation of Passover (Pesach). I got wine (yaaay!), matzes and sme other things! The people were very confused when I walked in and the guy who was helping me was running around barefoot and being very confused. When I started talking about matzes, he was very relieved that I am actually Jewish and not just a random person.

The shop was beneath a community building, about 10 square meter at the back of an underground parking lot. When I was talking to the cashier he shyly asked me:

Cashier: “Uuuuhm. How old are you?”
Me: “23, haha”
Cashier: “Oh okay that’s fine then.”
Me *automatically show my passport*
Cashier looks confused and checks my birthdate and almost drops my passport.
After adding everything in the register, he wishes me a good day and a nice Passover, while handing me my bag with food.
Me: “Don’t you want me to pay?”
Cashier: “Hmm?”
Me: “I haven’t paid.”
Cashier: “Oh. Wow. You’re right. Uhm. Yes. I’ve had a long day. Uhm. That will be 40 dollars then… Woops.”

And in the mean time, the other guy was still running around barefeet. It was very funny and I’m even more excited for Passover now.

Then Anna and I went for a though run&walk up the hill. It was very cool and Anna is a very motivating girl to run with.

View from the run
Running selfie
Wellington is not flat. At all.

Then Paul made us very delicious dinner and we enjoyed Australian red wine. I helped Anna with her Science later, that was fun! Tomorrow we got another nice day planned, Anna’s going to show me around the musea and the opshops! Very exciting.



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