Day 60 & 61 | Back to the lab!

Research equals skills. Dealing with not having the right equipment, or replacing dangerous chemicals, or reading incomplete papers is daily stuff. Today I tried making Sakaguchi reagent. The Sakaguchi reagent was thought of in 1925, when everyone still used radioactive material and used mouthpipettes. It is a reagent used to stain proteins with arginine side groups. It’s very pretty yellow/orange and made out of dangerous chemicals which can partly be replaced by “safe” chemicals.

Sakaguchi reagent in cuvets

After I managed to make it (which I struggled with last week), I wanted to calibrate the spectrophotometer to maximize the optical density measured. The machine, though, wasn’t feeling it and froze with every last step.

Tomorrow we’re going to Waimangu Volcanic Village, I’ll take my camera with me so I can share with you all!


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