Day 49 | Huka Falls

I am starting to feel at home in Taupo, it’s an amazing feeling. Today I went for a walk at Huka Falls with a new TYP-er, it was fun! There was a lot of rain and Huka Falls was beautiful with a strong current.

Huka Falls
Waikato River

When we took the car back into town to go for a drink, Mathias had the great idea to stop to look at the sky. It was incredible. As the sun was going down the sky lit up beautifully.

DSC02552 (2).JPG
Mt Tauhara shrouded in clouds
DSC02554 (2).JPG
Beautiful sky in Taupo
DSC02562 (2).JPG
Overview of Taupo from the look-out point. I live about a minute away from this point.

In town we ran into some cool people and joined them in the pub with loads of TYP-ers. It was great fun and nice getting to know more people and getting to know people better. It was a great night. Sleep well now, tomorrow I’m off to Whanganui!


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