Day 46, 47, 48 | No words

I am kind of lost for words with what happened in Brussels yesterday. Being so far away from Europe is strange, as I feel just as connected. My heart goes out to all.

As I stayed up as long as possible to follow the news, I slept badly and decided to go home halfway through the day instead of falling asleep at work. It’s been a very productive few days though, lots of research. Monday evening our team helped Karen out with a Girl Scout Quest night. Hanna and I waited at the Rose Garden in beautiful orange vests where the girls got an assignment. It was fun!

92b57d20-6248-4eaa-bd0c-c6d6a4c08a71 (2).jpg
The Rose Garden in Taupo

Then Tuesday I went for a swim (yes. voluntarily) at A/C Baths where the pools are heated by thermal activity. Swam 0.8 km which I’m reasonably pleased with. I’ve always hated water, so I’ve surprised myself by actually enjoying the swim.



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