Day 43 | Cambridge & Hamilton

After a small stop by work and forgetting my wallet at home, I drove to Cambridge. The road was quite busy, but it is a stunning drive (same as I took to Tauranga mostly).
I met up with Audrey in Cambridge, I met her last week in Tauranga and she’s so kind. We went for lunch and I had my first meat pie. (I was told I had to eat that to have the full-kiwi experience).
After lunch we went to Richard, her high school friend, and we had an informal conference with the spokesperson of Agriculture and the MP of Taupo. It was really interesting to learn about the farming and how the relations with i.e. Europe work.

The farm

Audrey and I drove around for quite a bit after, we saw canoeing competitions, gardens, the Waikato river and the dam.







When I drove to Hamilton I hadn’t eaten so I went for dinner in town at this meh place. I made the mistake of ordering something spicy at an Asian restaurant and couldn’t finish it haha. There was a huge rainbow though, so that was awesome.

DSC02342 (2).JPG

DSC02344 (2).JPG

DSC02345 (2).JPG
In the evening I went to Jean and her husband and kids. I met her through couchsurfing as the original plan was to do an internship here in Hamilton. She’s so kind and I’m enjoying staying here. Sleep well now!


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