Day 38 | Mauao

This morning I woke up semi early and drove to Mt Maunganui. The smell of chemicals and factories through my airconditioning was unappetizing as I came close to Mt Maunganui. ‘What am I doing here?’ went through my mind. This changed to ‘wooahhh’, the minute I arrived at the beach. When I parked my car I chatted with woman about whether there was a maximum parking time. As we walked to the mountain, she told me that she, surprisingly enough, was Dutch as well! Although she moved here at her 13th, her Dutch was impeccible and she complimented me about the lack of a Dutch accent in my speaking! Later that day I heard a family discussing which icecream to get, in Dutch.

The world is small.

The beach was packed with people and the road to the top of Maoau was crowded. I marked 35 minutes to the top. It was a though climb, cause stubborn as I am I took the shorter, more difficult route. The top was absolutely stunning.

Legend has it that Mauoa, first being a nameless mountain, was in love with a female mountain.

The nameless mountain was desperately in love with Puwhenua. However, her heart already belonged to Otanewainuku.

The nameless mountain felt hopeless and decided to drown himself with the help of the ‘Patupaiarehe’, the people with magical powers. They hauled him towards the ocean, creating Waimapu River, meaning ‘Weeping Waters’. Because the Patupaiarehe were people of the night, when the sun rose, they dissapeared. The mountain got stuck and was  “caught by the morning sun”; the meaning of the word Mauao.

Endless sea
View from Mauao to Mt Maunganui
View from the top
View from the top
Panorama view from the top
DSC02208 (2).JPG
Hi! It was very sunny and I got burned once again.

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