Day 37 | Tauranga

I wish I could send you the smell of the sea. And the sun, burning my skin.

From Tauranga Harbour, I am staring at all the boats ‘parked’ on the water. Drinking a Chai Latte, which was slowly and carefully prepared by an old woman at a coffee cart. Slowly and carefully equals quality most of the time. But not this time.
Earlier on I had lunch 10m from this spot. Had lovely sushi. Again, this sushi was way too big to eat charmingly.


Today is a weird mix between hot and cold. It switches from sweatingly hot, to reasonably cold. It is a nice day.

(Pictures tomorrow) Went to the Art Gallery and admired local art. Then I walked to Robbins Park, with Monmouth Redoubt (a war monument) and a lovely Greenhouse.

The greenhouse had stunning plants and I wíll overload you with pictures. Next to the greenhouse there was a Rose park. One statue in a pond, surrounded by roses in thousand different colours.

Because it was still early and a museum I wanted to visit was closed, I continued walking toward another point of interest. Couldn’t find them though, so I headed back into town.

Everything was closing and I wandered around until I saw this piano. I played and got some nice positive feedback. The only shop still open was Kathmandu, where I had seen a jacket on sale online. I went to try it on and it was perfect, perfect for hiking and rainy days. It will now accompany me on the rest of my trip.

Tomorrow the plan is to climb up Mount Maunganui. Some say it’s an easy hike, some say it’s a hard climb, I’m excited to find out what I think.


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