Day 36 | Unco

Today I was a complete ‘unco’ as my coworkers would say. Unco, short for uncoördinated. It started with me putting a gelelektroforesis tank back on the shelf. Or at least trying to. Dropped it and hurt my hand. Then I wanted to measure the gel. I dropped that as well and it fell into million pieces (It took about 4 hours to prepare them for the gel and running it). Managed to save my samples, but the negative control was positive. I had to redo the whole test. Then I redid the test and I had to throw some chemicals together. I miscalculated and had to remake that. I also forgot to turn a machine off today.  I dropped a few bottles today and added water to things that didn’t need water. So I am a bit of a cluts (short for clumsy) at times.

On the less clumsy things: I am keeping “my” bacteria alive and well! Saw them under the microscope and could admire their movements and crazy actions. Will upload a picture as soon as possible!

Tomorrow I’m going to work to measure some tubes and then driving to Tauranga! See you guys tomorrow!


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