Day 35 | Mimiviridae

A very interesting day at work. Started my second experiment and we had Journal Club. This time, the Journal Club article was chosen by Karen. It was about the mimivirus in the family mimiviridae (mimi stands for Mimicking Microbe). It has a bigger genome than any other virus. Also, it can immunize itself against certain other virusses by copying their genes into their own. These virusses are very smart and because they can protect itself from other virusses, you could say it has its own immune system.

Mimivirus in an amoeba (an eukaryotic organism)

There’s an old debate going whether virusses are alive or not. It’s a very interesting debate and it led to a long discussion when we were talking about the paper. When you consider that a virus is not alive because it needs a host to survive, grow and multiply; you would say that pathogens aren’t alive either. Because pathogens need a host in order to survive, grow and multiply as well.

Next week it’s my turn to prepare an article for Journal Club. Very exciting!


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