Day 34

It’s been another busy day. Working on my poster and preparing media to grow my “bug”  (as they say here instead of bacteria). Straight after work I went to Zumba, which was another very active and nice class!

My weekend is still free so I’ve been planning to go to Tauranga. They’ve got an Art Gallery (anything with the word ‘Art’ in it peaks my interest of course!) and nice beaches. It’s not too far a drive but I reckoned, I might as well spent a night there. Have been trying to find a couch through couchsurfing but no luck so far. I’ve also seen that there are some nice hostels around. Would be nice to meet some people there, so that would be a good way I guess. Found this nice little hostel with all bright colours and right in the centre!

In the rush of finding a nice hostel with only one room left, I just booked, yay! The upcoming pictures are from Monday and the ride to Turangi!

The lake
We had to stop. Because a house was coming by. A house. Yes. A whole house.
There were way more stars than could be photographed.

One thought on “Day 34

  1. Onwillekeurig moet ik weer denken aan Blaise Pascal (Pensées) die de mens beschrijft
    als een wezen tussen micro-en macrokosmos :Sarah…tussen bacteriën en de sterrenhemel..En nu….de weg te vinden….
    Volgens mij vind je die door te luisteren door alle dingen heen.
    Alle lefs,


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