Day 31 | Rainbow Mountain & Kerosine Creek

Today I went to the Rainbow Mount Track with Finja, a girl from Germany I met on the plane from Dubai to Auckland. After that we went for a swim at Kerosine Creek. We didn’t go up the mountain (still on my to do list though!), but we had a nice long walk around the crater lakes. It is really cool that my job is researching the microorganisms in crater lakes and other thermal sources like this! Makes you look in a different light.

Crater Lake at Rainbow Mountain near Rotorua
Another Crater Lake with stunning colours


Green Lake
Purple berries
Part of the track

After the walk we drove to Kerosine Creek where the water was over 37 C, which is really confusing because you always expect water to be colder than the air. It was very pretty there and there was a strong current towards the waterfall. The drive to Kerosine Creek was horrible, the road is more holes than road, which took me back to driving in Poland. What you find at the end of the road is more than worth it though.

Stream towards the waterfall. It had a strong current and when you sat down you had to hold yourself to not get swept by the current.
The waterfall

After we went in the water, I put my towel down and accidently fell asleep while a random guy was playing the guitar and singing beautiful songs. It was a hot day (as you can probably tell from the picture below) and I got sunburned again. This time with Factor 70 sunscreen! Crazy right.

Bright sun




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