Day 29 | Craters of the Moon

Today was an interesting day. We started the day with Craters of the Moon! Super awesome. Measured 5% methane concentration in the air, so our alarm kept going off. “As a gas it is flammable over a range of concentrations (4.4–17%) in air at standard pressure.”, so no smoking! People passing by were very interested in what we were doing and why we were off path. Karen took a sample of soil at a temperature of 80 C! It’s crazy that the soil is so hot. Here are the pictures of Craters of the Moon and the sampling involved!

First views!
One of the big craters
The team with our beautiful orange vests
More steam
Panorama view of Craters of the Moon area
Measuring temperatures of >80 C
White, red and brown soil


After that we went back to the lab and I spent the second half of the day with filling tubes with different stuff. 49 tubes! Tuesday I am going to measure them every 45 minutes. That will be a big challenge!

When I got home I took some pictures of bugs here, because I found this rhino-like-moth.

This moth looks like a tiny rhino to me. It would make for an interesting phylogenetic tree.
I then played around with my macro lens, which I absolutely love.
Close-up of another moth.

Also, I’ve been trying to avoid this hype called ‘Mindful Colouring’. But I caved.

So I found this book ‘Fractals’. I absolutely love it. More to come!

Now it’s time for bed because I’m going to get up at 5.30!!!! To watch the start of Ironman Triatlon at 6.45! Excitingggg!




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