Day 28

Today was another very productive day. We did Journal Club, which we do every week. The whole building comes together and we discuss a paper someone chose. That person gets graded by the article they chose and by the chocolate they brought (so far for no-chocolate week). At the end of the year, the person with the highest grades wins a tiara. A stunning (plastic) tiara. The paper we reviewed today, was just published in Nature Geoscience. That makes you think it is this awesome science paper and the work they did was incredible! However, that was not the case. My collegues pointed out that the calculations were severly flawed and they explained some of the thermodynamics behind it. It was awesome.

We were supposed to go to Craters of the Moon today, which got pushed to tomorrow because my experiment needed more attention than I had participated. Very excited though! And my experiment went well, so that was good. I did throw contaminated pipet-tips all over the lab, that was clumsy.

It’s Ironman Triathlon in Taupo(!) this weekend. The signs have been all over town and the supermarket flooded today with people. I was warned by everyone to go to the supermarket today and get food, because everything will be crowded this weekend. Also was advised to walk into town instead of taking the car. Saturdaymorning at 6.00 the triathlon starts at the lakefront. It is said that is an amazing thing to see, where the swimmers take off and thousands of people try to swim on top and over each other. I am going to get up on time and try to get some pictures!

On Sunday I am hiking with a girl from Germany whom I met on the plane. After the reasonably though hike, we will finish with a swim in the hot & cold water at Wai-O-Tapu, which is supposed to be amazing.

Also, I am drinking loads of milkshakes. Today I made a chocolate/banana milkshake. Here is a picture of it for no reason at all.



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