Day 26 & 27

Today I scared the whole neighbourhood by accidently pressing my ‘alarm’ button on my car keys instead of ‘open’. It was already dark and it took me a while to turn it off. Pretty funny, I’m sure they’re not happy with me though!

Yesterday I had a short Skype conversation with my awesome brother, but mostly just watched a new series that I’m binge-watching now. Today, more productive, I went to my first Zumba dance/workout class. It was awesome. Definetly going to do that again!

Work has been good, very productive and much fun! Some tests failed because they were expired (by 3 years, haha!) or some failed because I’m just a bit clumsy at times. Most of my experiments worked though, already seeing results!

I took some awesome (sarcasm) pictures of work, I’ll just put them on here for fun. Also I’m getting acquinted to wearing gloves all day.

My blue gloves accompany me throughout my days in the lab. They are a real support and protect me from the outside world (just kidding; although they do protect me from dangerous chemicals)
Exciting stuff. I just like the blue. There’s a lot of blue in the lab.

Anyway! Tomorrow we’re going to Craters of the Moon (expect pictures!) for some sampling; my first fieldwork practice! It’s going to be amazing. Also, tomorrow is another TYP (Taupo Young Professionals) meeting! Looking forward to that!


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