Day 25

Another productive day in the lab that flew by. I am getting very acquinted and started my own project. Today we had a Msc student from Christchurch join our team for a week. In the break we were talking about my project and he said:

So you’re doing your PhD… Right?

That was pretty awesome.

After work and lovely skype with Bas, I went to help Karen with her girlscouts. It was awesome. When I arrived (an hour later than the rest) they were impressive at weaving and making pretty friendship bracelets. The kids were cool.

Then I went to the supermarket and tried to not buy everything and to keep an eye on my money which is a real challenge here. Everything is tasty ánd expensive. And I challenged myself not to eat chocolate for 7 days. The chocolate here is too good to resist.

The sky this night was absolutely stunning. With lack of DSLR, here are my phone-made pictures.

The stunning sky



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