Day 24

This morning I had this funny conversation with my mum. I said I’d go into town and just read a book. She asked what book and I said, it’s called “Us”. It turned out that, of all the books in the three bookstores, I bought a book that she just had bought herself. The funny things in life, aye. She didn’t like the book very much though, so she sort of challenged me to get through it even though she couldn’t. I started reading the book and I like it so far, so we’ll see!

It’s been a very busy few weeks so my blogs have been quite short. Sorry! I do have a funny story to tell. I was just sitting in the living room when I suddenly noticed that 4 (!) moths were flying around. Moths are so stupid. They fly into the lamp and then get confused why they got burned. They do that over and over again. As Dutch people say “Een ezel stoot zich geen twee maal aan dezelfde steen”, this does not apply to moth. I’ll give you a literal translation just for laughs.

Even a donkey does not hurt himself on the same stone twice.

Apparantly moths are more stupid than donkeys by burning themselves on a lamp over and over.

Anway, I’m sidetracked. The moths were huge and pretty scary. I captured one to put it outside, only to find out that when flying their wings were 4,5 cm!!!! Anyway. I am very proud of myself because I managed to capture 2 and save them.

I’ve been reading up upon how to identify moths and even though my stomach is turning, I find it really interesting to find out which moth I saw. It looks most like this “Uncertain” moth: Titanomis sisyrota (female), not seen since 1959.

<em>Titanomis sisyrota</em> (female). Uncertain: uncertain. Not seen since 1959.

Although, this is rather unlikely so my second guess is Aoraia enysii. 

Both are scary as f****.

When I went into town today it was lovely weather. 26 degrees and no wind. I took a few pictures and enjoyed a lovely stroll around Taupo.

Pretty flowers
In the line of bugs, this is a cute butterfly on a flower
It was a very white/blue day


Taupo promoting cycling. I think it’s good that they are promoting it, but in my opinion a whole lot has to change to make this country safe for cyclists.

And there was a dragonfly on our curtains

Tomorrow the week is starting again and I will properly start my project, I’m excited!


One thought on “Day 24

  1. Zo,zo….dacht ik.Mijn dochter is ineens filosofe geworden….mediterend over de de
    repeterende dwaasheden van de menseijke tijdsindeling ! Tjonge jonge,wat een
    symbolische diepzinnigheid.
    Toen de foto,s.
    Ik zette mijn bril op.
    Er stond “moth”i.p.v.MONTH !!!


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