Day 21

I couldn’t make you out through the glitches. That’s how it always seems to go. So we say our goodbyes over messenger as the network overloads.

A quote by Death Cab for Cutie, suitable for tonight. I just had to end a skype conversation with my lovely mum, because of the glitches. Was a good short conversation though! The internet is not super fancy on this big small island.

Fact of the day: The Netherlands can fit up to 6,4 times in New Zealand sizewise, though the Dutch population is more than 4 times the NZ population!

I got my project assignment today and I’m really excited to get started! Also, I just came home after our team went to Richard’s where his wife taught us how to fingerweave. It was awesome and we made friendship bracelets, haha! When I got home I saw the beautiful stars and tried to take some pictures (which is really hard in the dark!)

The pretty stars. The representation of colour is not accurate, we don’t have super special blue stars (sadface)
My street at night

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