Day 19 & 20

Yesterday I stayed home because I was properly ill from the busdrive. It’s a whole new world with bumpy, windy roads! Sorry for the lack of blog!

Today was a productive day, did loads of labwork and got more of an idea of what I’ll be doing over the next few months. After work I went to the supermarket and found some amazing feta cheese (which came with recommendations from my Wellington family!). It was very tasty. Also, I’m so happy with my car. Everytime I get in, I’m like ‘Oh my, I got my own car. This is awesome!’ And I love that my car is blue. Blue is awesome.

Here are some pictures of the labwork today.

42 samples!
And a whole lot of tubes.

P.S. Look at my blogs from 13 to 18, I added the pictures!


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