Day 18

One of the Intercity busses broke this morning so we are now on a random bus with the Intercity busdriver, who has been very kind so far. Due to the bus-problem we are running way late, luckily I downloaded some podcasts,  which I am listening to. The views are absolutely stunning and it’s a shame I can’t just get out to wander. We just passed Palmerston North as I am writing this.

Most of the time the seat next to me has been occupied by my bag (so selfish), until it started getting busy and this woman sat next to me. She was kind, but she smelled like oranges. And oranges, which most of you know, I absolutely detest. So I was glad when she got off the bus.

Ironically enough, as I was writing this, another woman came sitting next to me. She had an incredible accent and I couldn’t understand her at all. This, however, did not stop her from talking through my podcasts. She was kind though, so it was ok.

I accidently said to Kelly, I’m in Tauranga so I will be there shortly. And she was like “Oh no! That’s way, way past Taupo. I hope you’re not on the wrong bus!” Apparantly it was called Turangi (an hour South of Taupo) and I scared Kelly for nothing.

Anyway, in the end I ended up getting back to Taupo after 7,5 hours in the bus and was (am) extremely tired! So time for bed now and we’ll see if I feel a bit better in the morning. I will make sure to update on the pictures tomorrow as well!

Super blue water
Pretty view from the bus

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