Day 17

Today was another day with lovely weather. After a sleep in, we went into town where I got new jeans (my favourite ones, sadly enough, were at their end). We went up the Botanical Gardens again right after the shopping trip, and had lovely lunch at this place called Picnic. Yesterday Paul said

Tomorrow we’re going to Picnic.

So I thought we would actually picnic at first, but he explained it was this nice little restaurant thing. Bridgette’s niece, Jessica, joined us, she was really kind! We had some lovely food and after the slow lunch (it was very busy!) we went back home and had some -doing nothing-time. We then went up for a walk up the hill with Pepsi, who was very excited. Paul told me about how he and Bridgette got engaged and Bridgette told me how they met, it was really awesome and a lovely walk too. On the top of the hill you could look over the entire city, which was an absolute remarkable view. (Pictures next time!)
Tomorrow I’m taking the bus back up to Taupo so I got myself some podcasts to listen to. Reading while being a passenger is too nauseating with these roads. See you all tomorrow!


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