Day 13

Today we drove up to Auckland to the conference tomorrow. After a lunch at a lunchcafe called Bugger, somewhere south of Hamilton, we ended in the busy traffic of Auckland.

Richard, Karen, Hanna and Carlo!
Pretty nature seen from the car
Pretty nature 2
Pretty nature 3

When we found the hotel and parking struggles, we checked in to a beautiful apartment/hotel. I’ve got my own room and share the apartment with Hanna, who has taken me into town before we went to dinner.

View from the hotel

Auckland is more like home with the busy streets and the big shops. I scored some socks and we went for delicious cake at a store called Little Bird. We also had some New Zealand Oolong tea, the only tea that is made here. It was absolutely tasteful and such a cute little shop.
After that we went into Albert Park and walked around. I took stunning pictures both on the way to Auckland as in Albert Park, but I have nothing to put my SD-card in at the moment. When I come home on Day 18 I will update all the posts so you all will be visually pleased, I’m glad everyone’s been so kind about my blog so far!

Albert Park
Albert Park
Albert Park
Hanna at Albert Park

After we went through Albert Park, we went out for dinner with the organisers of NZMEC. It was awesome and such lovely dinner. Vivace was the name of the restaurant and it was again delicious food. The start was tapas where I had a fried mushroom, a spicy pepper filled with cheese and a meatball. For main I had the lamb loin with feta, green pea puree and in garlic baked mini potatoes. As desert I had a cake with pear & ginger. Everything was amazing. Tomorrow morning the conference is starting and I’m super excited to hear about all the interesting research.
Good night all!

Limbs as seen at the University of Biological Sciences

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