Day 12

So today was a good day! It was chaos working with a million samples at the lab, but I’m getting acquinted and am starting to work more efficiently!

Sample overload!

We were done pretty early in the lab so I went to the supermarket to get lunch for tomorrow in the car to Auckland. Also bought loads of cheese to try out, haha!

When I tried to get back home it was rush hour (yay, spits!) and I could not get back in the right lane. Ended up going the other way to make a turn, but it was impossible. Found a parking lot and wanted to turn there when I saw “Thermal Spa Park”. I had time, so I got out and took a look. Ended up walking for an hour and it was absolutely stunning. The way to the water was covered with girls in bikinis and I was wearing black jeans and a laptop on my back. With 30 degrees, it was horrible (haha, I know, I can’t complain!) I didn’t have my DSLR with me (again…) so I took some pics with my phone.

A crack in the sand
The Waikato River
Strong currents (funny vandalists!)

Then I went back to the car with another road and for quite some time I thought I’d be lost forever and I found it worrying I only had a banana and water with me. It was like I was in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the midst of a rainforest or something. It was absolutely stunning.

The Waikato River
The pretty middle of nowhere
One of the many fallen down trees

Well, this was it for today! See you tomorrow after we headed out for Italian dinner my collegues! By the way, I got home safely when rush hour had past!

Nerd addition of the day (I’m going to see him on the conference):


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