Day 11

So today was my first time driving my car on my own! Easypeasy, only 5-10 minutes to work! After that I arranged my insurance. It was a challenge to spell out my name to a fast-speaking kiwi (a local), took forever!

After that I spent the day in the lab extracting microorganism DNA from soil. This I had never done before and turned out super exciting (and time consuming)! What I also learned is that you need to put EVERYTHING in chronological order. Today some of the markings rubbed off and that just means you can’t work with the sample, because you have no idea what is in it. And that means, doing it partially or all over.

Tomorrow we’ll be finishing the extraction and then on Wednesday it’s on to Auckland.


Colourful labwork

Didn’t sleep too well tonight though, so I’m grabbing an early night! It takes quite some getting used to working full-time. The upcoming week won’t help with that as I will be out of the lab for 6 days! Hopefully I’ll have the chance to write about the conference even though the schedule is pretty packed!

Fact of the day: When researching extreme microorganisms DNA we amplify (multiply) it by using PCR. With bacteria/archeae extractions we use 16S primers. These primers target the 16S region, which codes for a small subunit of prokaryotic ribosomes. This is a stable genetic marker found in all bacteria and most extreme archaea and hasn’t been prone to mutation when evolving over time.


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