Day 10

Today was another incredibly hot day! About 30 degrees and even though I am wearing 50+ sunscreen, I still got burned. This morning I walked into town to get some proper summer dresses (silly enough I didn’t bring them) and I walked around town all day. After doing grocery shopping I went home to go into town again but with the car. The car drives fantastically and I am getting used to driving on the left. Tomorrow will be the first time driving it to work!

One of Kelly’s last roommates, Jade, was going to perform at the Lake House. Good reason to have a lovely dinner there, sitting in the sun and listening to live music. Again I forgot my proper camera.

The lovely Jade Howe performing

After the stunning performance we went home and I had the chance to wish my incredible boyfriend a lovely valentines through Skype. Also, I was able to call my mum when I was in town, only using the internet. It’s incredible that I’m as far away as I can physically get from the Netherlands and still be able to speak to all my lovely people at home. Yay for technology!



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