Day 6

Today I got to meet my internship coördinator and got shown around the company. I’ll be working on something like this video:

Really excited. It’s been great so far but a huge change from going to school. I must say I am pretty exhausted so I won’t write too long.

Although the bike ride to work was a bit more doable today, I decided to buy a car and for now catch rides with my awesome collegue. It is not a country used to cyclists at all.

Next week we’ll drive to Auckland and will be going to NZ Microbial Ecology Consortium with world renowed ecologists. I might get to meet Ed DeLong who invented FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridisation), which is super awesome. It will be for 3 days and then I’m flying to Wellington and see my super super kind family: Paul, Bridgette and Anna. Anna and I will be going to Death Cab For Cutie in the Opera House on Saturday, that will be great. And then on Monday I’ll take the bus back to Taupo.

Now it’s time for bed! Sleep well all in NZ!
And for my lovely people at home: have a good day!


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