Day 5

Today was my first day at GNS Science as a intern! It’s been great. I was shown around, even got my own office. Fun fact of the day: my office is the same size as the room I live in at home in Eindhoven. It’s really cool. We did some labwork and I got to meet almost all the people I’m working with.

The cycling to work was horrid, the elevation of the roads is unlike I’ve ever cycled. Even though I’m used to cycling everywhere, I had to walk half of the way. My BMX bike was also actually too low (and that with my 160 cm!), but we managed to get the saddle higher up. Hopefully I’ll get used to this soon!

Morning cycle to work
The not flat road to work

Even though the cycling was tough, the views everywhere were stunning and made it absolutely worth it.


2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Well , you better get used to it as New Zealand is a very hilly country.
    By the way: did you know that New Zealand invented the toothbrush? Everybody else would have called it a teeth brush!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bye for now Oom Wim.


    1. How awesome that you’re replying to my blog. I did not know that! Where are you living at the moment? Kind regards – Sarah


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