Day 4

Today we walked up to Mount Tauhara, it’s the mountain I see when I open my curtains to let the sun in. It was quite the heavy climb especially with the jet lag and the change in climate. Mount Tauhara is about 550m elevation and approximatly 8,8 km to the top and down. The first 30 minutes were really rough but once I got used to the humidity, it was okay. The record to get to and back from the top is 43 minutes running, but I am very proud that we made it to the top in 2 hours and back in 45 minutes. Today was a bit cloudy, so I’ll definetly go back up when the weather is a bit better. Here are the many pictures we took.

About one fourth on our way to the top


Isn’t this pretty?!

Kelly my super kind housemate
View from the top
Pretty plants at the top
Panorama view from the top
Part of the mountain
Looking over Taupo (Kelly took this picture!)
Kelly with the stunning view




2 thoughts on “Day 4

    1. Absoluut, het is net een paradijsje! Ik heb Ankie ontmoet en ga volgende week met Ankie en Julie wat eten als ik een conferentie heb in Auckland! Vandaag begonnen met werk, was heel tof (zie nieuwe blog!) Mail me even hoe het met je is! X


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