Day 3

The festival Wanderlust was great. It is a yoga/mindfulness festival and it had really relaxing music. I had no idea what was playing, but it was awesome. I got to have my first ‘Maori experience’, which was a Maori band, Matiu te Huki, who ended their performance with a Haka. Later one of the bands which is actually in my playlist played; Xavier Rudd he’s called and it was such a special performance. Especially his performance of Spirit Bird and Follow the Sun were great.

I didn’t take my camera with me, so no pictures sadly!

The jet lag is sort of gone, pfew! I got up after 5,5 hours of sleep and walked into town after an easy morning. I needed some proper things like a backpack (I, silly enough, didn’t bring one) and the only pants I had were jeans. Jeans and 25+ degrees don’t go together very well, especially black jeans.

When I was walking into town I couldn’t help myself but to keep on stopping and making pretty pictures. Today was the first day not crowded by clouds and it was stunning, absolutely stunning, weather which lighted up the most beautiful views.

I watched this duck swim against the super blue stream for about 10 minutes. He didn’t make any progress.
It was really, really sunny.
I was intrigued by the spiderwebs on this beautifully carved bench.
The Waikato River going into Lake Taupo; absolutely stunning with the mountains on the background.
A very blue Lake Taupo.

After all these pictures, I finally got into town. People are so friendly here and I had a great time walking in and out shops and chatting to cashiers about moving here temporarily. When I got everything I needed, I walked to the supermarket. However, before I got to the supermarket I enjoyed the sun and sat in the park.

Enjoying a bit of shadow.

Even though I got sunburned along the way, it was a great day so far. Tonight we’re having drinks, whoohoo!


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