Day 2

Today I woke up with the most horrible jet lag. I was nauseous and had a terrible headache. I skipped going to the market like I had planned to, and spent the day in bed.

Luckily I feel a bit better now (with the help of painkillers and loads of water), because we’re going to a festival, called Wanderlust, tonight. I’m looking forward to it and hope I can make it without my jet lag spoiling the fun.

A picture I took yesterday of Lake Taupo

Tomorrow I plan to go to the supermarket and explore a bit more. Maybe try to cycle to work and back, to figure out the way and see what it’s like to bike here. I read the rules on cycling and they differ a lot from the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a cycle-country after all and this is not.

Curious to find out what tonight brings!


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