Day 1

The flight from Amsterdam to Taupo was doable. It is a weird feeling though, your whole body gets confused with time differences as well as just being in the air for that amount of time. The whole trip took 33 hours.

Amsterdam – Dubai

Dubai – Brisbane

Brisbane – Auckland

Auckland – Taupo

It was an interesting 33 hours, because it felt like it was only 2 hours. I feel like I just skipped the days and that I was in a place where there was no concept of time or day-rhythm.

Today is my first day in Taupo. I decided to ignore a possible jet lag and got out of bed after 7 hours of sleep. The sun and the sound of birds woke me up and it felt like I wa camping. The air is so clean here. When I got up I couldn’t go into town yet, because my suitcase got mislabeled at the airport and had to wait for it to arrive. When it arrived I unpacked everything and put everything in my walk in(!) closet. After that I walked into town, which took me about 20 – 30 min. For me it’s really confusing because I have to remind myself to look the ‘wrong’ way when crossing the road. This is a very important factor here, to look where you’re going, because there are quite a lot of cars!

The road where I live now; made on my way into town
Tauhara mountain
On my way into Taupo

In town it was fairly busy. This place is all about being outside! So different from the Netherlands where we like to lock ourselves in and maybe go out to work and the supermarkt (slight exaggeration). Walking through town was great. At home I sometimes forget to drink enough water, but here there’s a constant reminder of “drink water, drink water” in your head. The air is pretty moist here and the whole feel outside is different from home. The 20 degrees here feels like a whole different 20 degrees at home. So as soon as I saw a shop where they sold water, I bought a bottle. After arranging some practical stuff like bank account and a NZ simcard, I just walked around and browsed the shops. They are very kind here. After that I went to the lake where I had a drink at this cute little container called ‘Stir’. The guy who was working there immidiatly offered to fill my recently emptied bottle of water, which was great and the chai latte I had was so so good.

A cloudy Lake Taupo
One of the many birds in Taupo
Taupo is promoting headless cycling

Then I went to the supermarket to get dinner for Kelly, my roommate, and I. The prices aren’t too bad and it was nice to look around and see the differences. I will miss the cheese from the Netherlands though, it is bloody expensive here. In the Netherlands we pay about €2 for a piece of Port Salut, but here you pay €6,60 for a smaller amount. They don’t have cheese on bread like we do at home, they got marmite and jam. I heard the chocolate here is really good, so I had to try that obviously.

This product is no longer available due to having been eaten

Walking back home there was a little bit of rain, which was also completely different from Dutch rain. This rain isn’t cold and the drops are tiny, so you don’t end up feeling like a drowned cat. Even though it was raining, when I crossed the Waikato River, I had to take a picture because it was so bright blue.

The super blue Waikato River
The other side of the Waikato River

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