Day -13

With Medical Microbiology we are taught that we are never alone. We play host to millions of microorganisms living on/in our bodies. They help us and we help them; without them we wouldn’t survive and vice versa. From the minute we are born we collect them, we cannot see them and most of us don’t even know that they are there. As we grow older, our hairs turn grey and our skins start to wrinkle, they stay with us and protect us through thick and thin.

This is all fairly straightforward Biology. We know so much about microorganisms, it’s incredible. We know about their function, metabolism, fylogeny and origins; we are able to compare two organisms from complete other origins, and track them back to the same parent. Like microorganisms we adapt in order to improve, taking small steps in our personal evolutions. We are a product of our parents, we learn from them and our environments; adapting as we feel is right and always aiming to ‘do better’.

My genome stems from my parents and with that comes unconditional love. My dad may not have been there my entire life and he should’ve been more like microorganisms, being there while growing up and helping when needed. But even though all that, I am wired to want to be there for him now that he is ill. In 14 days I had planned to arrive in sunny Taupo, leaving behind a not so sunny home. Having doubts on whether to stay or go.


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