A good old fashioned nurture versus nature blog

Studying Science & Life, you learn that life is as wonderful as it is grim. Life is fleeting. We learn to break down life in amino acids, in chemical reactions and evolution. We’re all tubes, who have developed organs, flubbery things we call arms and legs and a blob of goo with electron exchanges in which motion and feelings are regulated. We don’t control it, we’re driven by our brains. And it are these brains we know so little (and at the same time so much) about.

Environment plays a part in the development of the brain, that much is known, but it is not a fact that we are only a product of our upbringing. The debate between environment influence and genetics has been ongoing for years. Today we believe it is a combination of genetics and environment. Personally, I believe that genetics play a huge part in loving. Although someone may have hurt you, we are incredible beings able to forgive one another. Especially when it comes down to our parents, we are wired to love them unconditionally, no matter the things that they may (or may not) have done.

And it is thus you can never know how you will react when someone in your family is brought to the hospital. Despite being able to rationalize and tell yourself how you should feel, there is no should. There is only feelings you feel and they cannot be controlled or told what to do. You feel what you feel, or you don’t feel at all and in a situation like that everything is okay.

We sometimes feel like we are literally falling apart, but the comforting truth is that the semi-double bond character of the O-C-N’s in our DNA prevents us from that.



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