Well; this is rad

I think the need to travel is written in our DNA. I am sure there’s a genetic mark for that somewhere in the sea of nucleotides. The itch to travel is hereditary, which is rad. By the way, RAD also stands for restriction site associated dna marker, which is used for genetic mapping in the research of evolution. Hence the title.

My granddad loves to travel to this day, at 91(!) years old. He and my mom just went to Sicilie together and before that I travelled with him to Aken as a late birthday gift. Earlier this week, my mom said to me:

“I have always wanted to raise a girl who is open to a new world. I could spend my money on something materialistic, but I’d rather give you the experience of exploring.”

And that’s what she did.

I’ve always loved to travel. Mostly been to cities and small roadtrips. My most recent travel was my first big roadtrip. My best friend and I got into the car and just drove away with a vague plan and a map. Our first stop was Nürnberg then to Prague, Wroclaw, Krakow, all over Slovakia and ended with Budapest with the amazing Sziget festival.

Somewhere in Slovakia
Somewhere in Slovakia

This is my first proper blog ever and however I mastered the skill of diary writing quite well in 20+ diaries, I do feel a little bit nervous sharing my thoughts with the world. The main focus of this blog will be about my study and about the travelling I am about to do in the upcoming year.

At the moment I am postponing studying with preperations for my internship in New Zealand! Super excited. A year ago it was just a vague plan ish idea in my head and now the internship is confirmed and the flights are booked.

It is a sort of surreality, in a little over three months I will be setting foot onto NZ, geographically, as far away as I can get.


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